September 2017: Celebrities line up to back new single from south-west band, Littermouth

PRESS RELEASE: Celebrities line up to back new single from south-west band, Littermouth

‘Swindler, Liar, Shagger, Cheat’ single and video takes on the tabloids

Famous names like former Eastenders actor Leslie Grantham, TV presenter Jacqui Hames, TV Gladiator Eunice Huthart and royal butler Paul Burrell, all of whom have been victims of tabloid intrusion over the years, have lined up to back the new single and video from south-west based art rock band, Littermouth.

Lead vocalist, Jon Price: “Swindler, Liar, Shagger, Cheat was written in the aftermath of the Leveson Inquiry and comments on the immoral lengths to which the tabloid press go in order to sell more papers. I wrote the lyrics to Swindler from a fictitious journalist’s view point. They talk about ‘celebrity and sordid detail’, kiss and tell, phone hacking and false front-page headlines- with subsequent apologies hidden in the depths of page 23. However, the main point is that the public wanted and paid for the kind of sensationalist, scandalous journalism that lead to some publications crossing the line of acceptability.”

The new single and video were released on August 17th. The strong political comment sits alongside a catchy melody and driving beat that epitomises the Littermouth groove.

Jon added, “It’s wonderful to know that people are connecting with Littermouth’s music at all levels from Shirley who works in my local shop, to TV celebrities involved in the Leveson Inquiry, to ex cabinet members like Charles Clarke, who emailed us to tell us how much he enjoyed the video.”

The following public figures have all expressed support for the song and video:

Charles Clarke, who was an MP until 2010 and a former Home Secretary, told the band: “Littermouth’s music video is both very enjoyable and politically spot-on. Well worth looking at”

Jane Winter, a core participant at the Leveson Inquiry, commented: “I applaud Littermouth’s timely, witty and relevant video on press freedom and control of the media.”

Leslie Grantham, the actor (most famously ‘Dirty Den’ in Eastenders) who was hacked and hounded by Sunday newspapers, simply liked, shared and commented via twitter: “Brilliant”

Jacqui Hames, TV presenter on the BBC’s Crimewatch and a former Metropolitan Police officer, had her life destroyed by news of the World journalists. She liked and retweeted the song, adding the following comment: “How long before we get #murdochthemusical who would play #murdoch ?”

Eunice Huthart, TV Gladiator ‘Blaze’, martial arts champion and stunt double for Angelia Jolie and Famke Janssen, liked and retweeted the song

Paul Burrell, former butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, told the band us via email that he liked the video and had been “hacked for 10 years by the News of the World.”

Littermouth are: Jon Price – lead vocal; Julie Meikle – backing vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards; Andy Lloyd – drums & percussion; Andy Young – bass; and Steve Shelton – guitars, synth guitar, backing vocals. Formed in 2012 Littermouth’s members are based in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, around the towns of Barnstaple, Bude, Newquay and Taunton.

The single and the band’s recent album are available for purchase via the band’s website at


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