Thunderstick – reviews round-up for ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’

In addition to full-page features in leading rock magazines like the UK’s Classic Rock, Germany’s Rock Hard and Mexico’s Heavy Riff, the Thunderstick album ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ has been picking up some great reviews.

Here’s a taster from recent reviews:

Classic Rock magazine: “…the band vacillate between the hard-hitting glam rock of late-era Sweet and the crunchy riffola of NWOBHM”
Read full review here

Bravewords: “an absolute cracker of a comeback album 9/10″
Read full review here

The Moshville Times: “like opening a doorway back to when rock and metal was at its newest and most raw”
Read full review here

Hotmetalonline: “will vie for the #1 spot on my year end album ‘best of 2017’ lists”
Read full review here

Get Ready To Rock: “A wonderful reminder of how good a drummer Thunderstick is and how much more there is to him than just the image”
Read full review here

Rockstruck: “A surprising and very successful comeback that deserves to be purchased by anyone with a hankering for a solid lap time classic well-executed Rock”
Read full review here

Eternal Terror: “wonderfully organic and raw record that perfectly captures the mood of the old days and yet sounds sharp, punchy and current”
Read full review here

KNAC: “its ten tracks literally burst with ideas 5/5″
Read full review here

Sea of Tranquility:Considering it’s been over thirty years since we’ve heard new material from this outfit, the band are locked and loaded”
Read full review here

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Blog: “The Thunderstick and his band have recorded an excellent album which your ears deserve to hear”
Read full review here

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