Worthing duo Across The Sea unveil much-anticipated second album – launch gig 2nd October

The Wayfarer Triptych: released 1st October 2021

Album launch gig: Bar 42, Worthing, 2nd October 2021 at 7.30pm

Hailing from Worthing on the West Sussex coast, Across The Sea sound unlike any act you’ve heard before. Evocative, otherworldly, and utterly captivating, they defy categorisation, inhabiting a place where the boundlessness of the imagination transcends genre limitations and conventions. A breathtaking synthesis of the haunting, siren-like vocals of classically trained soprano Hannah Katy Lewis and the dynamic, unorthodox and experimental guitar style of Pete Ferguson, their mesmerisingly unique sound is wildly eclectic, fiercely inventive and singularly distinctive.

After eighteen months of meticulous crafting, Across The Sea are set to unveil their much-anticipated second album The Wayfarer Triptych, scheduled for release on 1st October with a special launch gig in Worthing the following evening. A nine-track concept piece, the album narrates an original story penned by the band themselves, marrying fantasy and folklore, fairytale and philosophy, to present a stirring tale of drama, adventure and mystery.

Pete Ferguson: “I was on one of my daily runs along the seafront from Worthing to Ferring and back, when the basic concept and title for The Wayfarer Triptych suddenly popped into my head. As is the way, this all happened at the point of the route furthest from home…fortunately the idea survived the subsequent mad dash back along the prom, and here we are.”


Hannah is Worthing born and bred while Pete moved to the town as a student in 2016 and never left. The pair met while both studying for a BA in Music at Northbrook College, Worthing. Their first practice location as a duo, where they wrote most of their early material, was on a bench on Worthing promenade, looking out to the sea, thus helping give the duo their name.

Hannah Katy Lewis: “Initially inspired by our hometown, the name Across The Sea soon came to represent so much more: a fascination and infatuation with endless, unknown realities beyond the horizon, both literally and metaphorically.”

Playing their first gig at View Cafe in Worthing, the duo have become a regular fixture on the live music scene in Worthing since, performing at all kinds of venues around town as well as special events like Worthing Light Festival, Green Dreams Festival, Pangalactic Festival and Worthing Open Houses Arts Trail. Across The Sea were the house band at the 2019 Sunny Worthing Awards on Worthing Pier.

The pair have earned a reputation as one of the most tirelessly active and genuinely innovative acts on the live circuit, whose immersive and theatrical performances have enchanted audiences at venues throughout the south. 

Their critically-acclaimed first album Infinite Worlds was released in December 2018, featuring on HMV Brighton’s recommended list and being lauded by a diverse range of outlets as a startlingly original debut. The Wayfarer Triptych will be available from Across The Sea’s online store on CD and a variety of digital formats www.acrosstheseauk.com

Launch gig 2nd October:

To mark the release of their new concept album, ‘The Wayfarer Triptych’, genre-defying progressive duo Across The Sea bring their enchanting and immersive live show to Bar 42 in Worthing, for a special hometown one-off live performance of the new album in its entirety. Support comes in the form of the blues rhythms, country harmonies and folk tales of SongBox Band.

Doors: 7:30pm

Tickets: £5

Ticket link: https://www.ticketweb.uk/event/across-the-sea-plus-support-fortytwo-tickets/11220845

Media enquiries:

Contact: Darren Johnson +44 (0)7799 731 682 darrenjohnson@crowfliescommunications.com

Website: www.acrosstheseauk.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acrosstheseauk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/acrosstheseauk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acrosstheseauk/


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