UK Americana singer-storyteller, Little Lore, returns with a new single ‘Brown Liquor John’

Release Date: 28 October 2022

“Storytelling is at the heart of Duffy’s songwriting but she finds a unique angle or topic on each track that brings a fresh perspective to a common and relatable issue.” – Maverick magazine on the debut Little Lore EP.

Following the enthusiastic reception to the debut solo release from the London-based Americana singer-storyteller last year, Tricia Duffy, the voice behind Little Lore, is back with a brand-new single. ‘Brown Liquor John’ is a country song about the man who has everything – except happiness.

Little Lore: “I got the idea for the title of this song from a conversation with a songwriter friend in Nashville, we had been co-writing together and in the evening we went to a bar and I ordered a Jameson’s on the rocks. He made a throw away comment along the lines of ‘I don’t know many girls who drink brown liquor.’ And then went on to tell me about a friend he had who had a nickname, Brown Liquor John. I remember thinking … that’s a song right there.”

“I had been thinking about a story of a man who has everything except happiness and when I came home the two things just seemed to fit together. It is a full-on country song – no hiding away from that! And the first time using pedal steel in one of my tracks which I think really amplifies the emotion and the storytelling.”

Once again, Little Lore’s emotive vocals and compelling storytelling is complemented by stunning production and beautiful instrumentation from producer and multi-instrumentalist, Oli Deakin, with Morgan Karabel on drums and Hamilton Belk guesting on pedal steel.

The single will be released in all the main digital formats on 28 October, available from or

About Little Lore:

Little Lore is a London based, Indie-Americana singer-storyteller whose songs are both charmingly accessible and yet beguilingly challenging. You’ll want to listen twice. When you combine British wit and wordplay with cherished Americana roots, musical magic starts to happen.

Based in Chiswick, west London and originally hailing from Portsmouth, Tricia Duffy started her singing career in a live covers band performing popular rock classics. Over time, however, a strong desire emerged to begin writing and performing her own material and she formed an acoustic Americana duo with fellow musician, Al Bird. Duffy & Bird released a well-received album ‘5 Lines’ in 2017 and a follow-up EP ‘Spirit Level’ in 2019. While Al subsequently decided to take a back seat from recording and performing, Tricia was keen to take things a step further. Little Lore was born. Her debut solo EP, Little Lore, was released in 2021 to glowing reviews. A follow-up single, ‘Shallow’, was released in April 2022 to similar acclaim. In her songs, Little Lore brings together an affection for the heart and heritage of Americana music, with an intelligence and maturity of storytelling that can sweep you away into new and unexpected emotional worlds.

Release information:

Produced by: Oli Deakin.
Drums: Morgan Karabel
Pedal Steel: Hamilton Belk
Artwork by: Afiya Paice, a West London-based artist and designer

Further Information:

Media enquiries to: Darren Johnson +44 (0)7799 731 682







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